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City as Text: destination workshop

Concept Based Learning unit development for IB DP Language A

A two day workshop with the author of Language A for the IB Diploma: Concept Based Learning

Bratislava, March 2020 

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Guiding Questions

  • What do cities tell us about texts and vice versa?
  • How can we read the city as a text?
  • How do written texts and the cinematic tell different stories of a city and its people?
  • How can we create meaningful conceptual units that combine content and skills?
  • How can conceptual unit design allow us to include differentiation and extension?


Especially from the dawn of Modernity, writers and artists have been interested in the concept of the city.  This workshop investigates different texts that make use of the city and the way the city can be a text itself.  We draw on ideas from: the uncanny, the cinematic, the ghostly, Modernity, urbanity, urban culture, globalisation, and space’s relationship with personal and cultural identity.  We look at ways you can use this concept in your classroom in analysis, creative writing, text discovery, and experiential learning.

During this weekend long workshop in Bratislava, we will investigate how to set up a conceptual unit within the framework of the new IBDP Language A course.  The workshop is appropriate for the Literature or Language and Literature courses in any Language A, but the language of instruction will be English.  I will draw on examples from a variety of text types, literary works, and cultures to prompt our discussion and activities.  We will look at Dublin, Hong Kong, New York, Prague, and more cities and their texts through this lens. During the workshop, you will then form your own unit designed for your interests and the needs of your students.  The workshop will be interactive and immersive with a lot of hands on activities and opportunities to use your creativity and critical thought while collaborating with colleagues.  It will include a professionally guided literary tour of the city.  There will be light pre-reading material and opportunities following the workshop for collaboration and feedback; a longer duration of this manner is proven to give your PD more impact.  


Dates: March 28-29, 2020 (Saturday - Sunday)

Place: Crowne Plaza, Bratislava, Slovakia

Cost: 590 Euros (includes all workshop materials, a professional literary tour of Bratislava, snacks, and lunches as well as follow-up feedback and an official certificate upon completion)

Room & board: Crowne Plaza workshop deal for 95 euros/night, including a beautiful buffet breakfast, swimming pool, gym, etc.

Participants: maximum 20

Workshop leader: Dr. Kathleen Clare Waller of Conceptual Literature (

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More details to come upon confirmation.  Please wait for confirmation before booking.

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