Gareth Jones

TOK Coordinator & English IB MYP & DP Teacher

Renaissance College, Hong Kong

Kate and I taught in opposite classrooms for three years.  The resulting cross-pollination led to the most conceptually fertile period of my career!  Kate was always able to draw upon a depth of knowledge to make theoretical and pedagogical connections that helped make me a better teacher.  She was loved by her students and held in the highest regard by her peers and the IB bigwigs that she was always brushing shoulders with.  I'm delighted to hear that she's found a platform to share her approach with international teachers.

Henrike Schauer

Mother Tongue Coordinator & German IB MYP & DP Teacher

Vienna International School

In her workshops for Language teachers at VIS I was able to witness Kate’s outstanding expertise and her many years of experience. Her holistic and hands on approaches to learning and teaching Language and / or Literature are a true inspiration for any colleague and her caring eye for the individual needs of each participant enables her to clearly differentiate and pick people up where they are standing. Kate strongly supports individual participants beyond workshop time and people greatly benefit from her organizational skills and her strong belief in successful interdisciplinary and intercultural networking..


French A & B and TOK Teacher



 Melvin Kan

Former student at Renaissance College, Hong Kong

London School of Economics graduate  

Dr. Waller was my IB English Language and Literature teacher for Two Years.  Through her constant encouragement and constructive feedback, English went from being my weakest subject to one of the strongest ones.  More significantly, Dr. Waller fundamentally transformed my perspective on English and languages in general.  Through her creative and engaging way of teaching, she opened my eyes to the power of languages in our every day lives and inspired my passion for it.  

 Helen Ngozi

Former student at Vienna International School 

Aspiring journalist at City, University of London   

Kathleen Waller was my English teacher for the last year of my IB. At a time when I couldn't have needed more support to get through the challenging course, Kathleen offered an unparalleled amount of encouragement, motivation and guidance all while making IB English Literature the most enjoyable class I was taking. She designed a course structure that was equally as creative as it was interactive, where my peers and I bounced off each other's ideas in a warm and welcoming environment that encouraged free thinking. I always felt listened to, validated and understood and I developed a risk-taking attitude towards exploring new ideas in my literature analysis.

Kathleen's love for writing inspired me to develop a similar outlook as I chose to explore higher education in journalism.

 Elisa Angerer

Former student at Vienna International School

POLIMODA university student , artist, designer, model

Dr. Waller 

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